News Corp Clutches Pearls After Learning Blokes Send Dick Pics To Their M8s

Well, it appears some are only just discovering the <sarcasm> baffling </sarcasm> phenomenon where young men often and without hesitation send their dick pics to each other. Just as like, a platonic, friend thing. 
Ryan Jon, a breakfast radio host from Canberra, went out on the streets and asked some blokes outside a nightclub if they do this, and was seemingly a bit shocked by the positive response. 
He wrote an accompanying piece for for News Corp explaining just how dumbfounded he was by this admission: 
“Girls don’t like [receiving dick pics]. They think it’s gross. They show their girlfriends and compare horror stories.

So considering this, I asked the guys: “If girls don’t like it, then why bother?” Their answer: “Well, the boys love it!”

Surely this isn’t a thing?”
In an email to PEDESTRIAN.TV about the video, Jon told us, 

“Turns out young guys send more DPs to their mates than to girls.

Is that weird? I was surprised.”
Well… nah, it’s not. It’s not weird at all. In fact, it’s common and normal. 
A decent chunk of my male mates do it. And if they haven’t, they’ve likely at least considered it. Delving into the dynamics of modern platonic relationships, it’s simply a matter of people becoming wholly comfortable with their bodies and one other; swapping nudes is a novel exercise in bonding and friendship. 
In the video of Jon interviewing fellas outside the clurrrb at 2am, some average Aussie blokes gave these pearls of innate wisdom:
“The boys on the worksite have probably seen it more times on Snapchat than my missus has in our bedroom.”

“If you don’t send dick pics to your boys, they’re not your boys.”
 (A solid F- to the bloke who stated that “sending dick pics to girls [is] gay”, however – devaluing terminologies of the LGBTQIA community by associating them to something negative, even as a joke, is pretty shithouse.)
But here’s a potential shock: WOMEN DO IT TOO. I know I sure as hell have. Majority of my close friends have sent genitalia or nude pix to me too. 
Most of the time, these nude photos sent within my personal friendship group are the vibe of ‘I’m looking dope tonight, please appreciate just how marvellously babin’ I look’. And the resulting conversation is one of admiration, building self-worth, and encouraging your mates to love their bodies and themselves. It’s an inherently positive and uplifting experience. 
Human bodies are so societally stigmatised – why wouldn’t you boost the positive conversation and normalise the conversation?
Jon closes his tale of discovery with the statement, “Remember when sending an eggplant emoji was considered risque? That, folks, was the good old days.” Was it… risque? We just found it kinda funny that the eggplant looked like a giant peen, tbh. 
So yeeeep – people send platonic photos of their bits to one another. It’s still a consent thing – if you send one to someone who’s expressed they don’t want it, then that’s not okay at all. Consent is the key, here. 
But to your closest friends, who know everything about you and are 100% down with it? It’s pretty fkn standard. 
It’s a communal bonding experience that allows your nearest and dearest to know you completely and intimately. It might be a funny joke between mates, even a friendly competition. It’s our contemporary version of creating nude oil paintings, to appreciate, celebrate, laugh at, enjoy.  
But whatever the result may be, human bodies are cool, nudity is cool, comfortability and trust are cool, consent is cool. 
Bless the platonic, consensual nude; may it live forever. 
Source: News Corp
Photo: Facebook / RyanJonOnline.