A news reporter in the US has just revealed the moment she accidentally announced her pregnancy on live TV, and yep, it wasn’t as cute and planned as you’d hope. She *checks notes* vomited on live national television. Yep. Not so cute. Not ideal.

Obviously, announcing your pregnancy, especially your FIRST pregnancy is a big deal. And I’m sure this isn’t how Julia Ainsley expected to be announcing it, but it sure makes for a memorable story to tell her kids one day.

Julia Ainsley, an NBC News correspondent was covering the Robert Mueller’s first public statement about Trump’s Russian ties in the early weeks of her pregnancy, you know, when morning sickness is a real bitch. The Mueller investigation is a huge story, so she couldn’t skip out on work because she was feeling a little queasy.

“I was familiar with the story, having covered every detail of the investigation and its conclusions from that very corner but something was different this day: I was seven weeks pregnant,” she revealed. “With this being my first child, I didn’t quite know my limits.”

When she thought she was out of sight after not speaking for 30-minutes on air, she chucked what she thought was a sneaky vom. Trump makes me feel like I’m going to power-chuck too, don’t worry Julia.

But no, this story wouldn’t be newsworthy if she just did a quick bathroom run and came back looking fresh. Nope. This poor unfortunate soul had her vomit broadcast for the whole world to see.

Morning sickness doesn’t give a single fuck that you’re reporting on one of the most important political stories of the year. Nope. Not even half a fuck. When you’ve gotta chuck, you’ve gotta chuck.

Obviously the “omg are you pregnant” text poured in, forcing the first-time mum to announce her pregnancy after only seven weeks. But that’s not even the worst part. Now her early morning sickness memories of her pregnancy are immortalised in NBC television archives for us all to see.

Thankfully there was no vomit vision, so we don’t have to see her actually chucking. But what a fun way to announce your pregnancy to the world.

Ainsley shared the footage (shot in May) on Twitter this week. She also wrote a story for NBC, sharing the message that it’s important to put your health before your work and prime.

“I’m already having to make decisions between what is best for my child and what advances my career, something I know I’ll have to do for the years to come,” she said. “Already this journey has taught me to put aside my pride, place my health first and lean on supportive colleagues.”

What a badass. Not only did she work through a hardcore vom sesh, but she absolutely owned it and didn’t try to hide the footage like many people sure would.

Obviously, Twitter loved it and rallied around the new mum in support.

If you’re going to chuck your guts up on live TV, at least own it like Julia Ainsley did. Pregnancy is fucking hard. So is working while pregnant and trying to hide shit like morning sickness. Good on her for normalising the not-so-cute moments of pregnancy.

Image: NBC