Newcastle Girl Calls Out Local Cops For Posting Her “Trailer Trash” Mugshot To Facebook

Today’s huge mood comes courtesy of Tiffany-Anne Brislane-Brown, a woman in Newcastle who called out the cops for posting an unflattering mugshot on their Facebook.

Newcastle Police posted the picture yesterday, calling for the public’s help in locating the 23-year-old woman, wanted over alleged stealing and related offences. Pretty quickly, people began to leave gross comments about her appearance, so Tiffany-Anne decided to wade into the discussion.

“Loving the photo taken how many years ago,” she said in a comment. “Let’s calm down on the comments guys it’s not everyday I look like trailer trash. Let’s just say it wasn’t a good angle, shall we.”

In a separate comment, she said the photo was from 2015 and called the cops “gronks” for issuing a callout over what she claimed was simply a breach of community services.

“Here’s an actual pic of me,” she wrote, posting a separate image (which appears to have since been removed).

“Let’s take the time to acknowledge this is not my current Newcastle police page photo they’ve decided to upload from 2015.”

Despite a request from the cops to “refrain from comments that are prejudicial or offensive”, there are hundreds of comments slagging off Tiffany-Anne’s appearance.

“As per NSWPF policy, officers used the most recent photograph on our records,” a spokesperson told PEDESTRIAN.TV.

“Police constantly monitor EyeWatch pages and moderate comments as often as operationally possible, however, our priority remains frontline policing – in this case, locating a wanted person.

“Police would again encourage this individual, who police believe has been active on the social media post, to come forward.

“More information about EyeWatch pages, content uploaded and guidelines for the sites are available on the NSW Police Facebook page.”

In the comment section – arguable the most cursed space anywhere online – other people began defending her.

“For Christ’s sake I pray none of you ever have a family member or friend in this situation because most of you are just plain downright nasty with your personal attacks on this girl,” one person wrote.

“This is someones daughter, sister, loved one etc. Have a heart please.”