Police Confirm Multiple Reports Of Needle-Spiking After A Newcastle Woman Warned Folks On FB

Newtown needle spiking

A young woman in Newcastle has shared terrifying claims that her friends, and several other women, were spiked by needles in public.

Sienna Davis uploaded a post to Facebook claiming she went out to King Street Hotel in Newcastle, where her friend was injected with “some sort of roofie drug”.

She shared images of what appear to be bruises around needle pricks, saying that several other local women have had similar experiences. Just a quick warning though, the images are confronting and could be distressing for some.

“These girls are getting injected with some sort of insulin needle or epipen (sic) which are very fine needles and are hard to feel,” she said in her Facebook post.

“Both girls that [I] know were injected on their right thigh.”

Newcastle needle spiking claims.
Bruises and pin pricks from what appears to be needle spiking. Image: Sienna Davis / Facebook

NSW Police have confirmed that there have been multiple reports by women of potential needle spikings in Newcastle.

“Newcastle City detectives are investigating a reported incident at a licensed premises in Newcastle on Friday 3 December 2021,” police said in a statement.

“It’s understood a 20-year-old woman attended a venue on King Street, prior to feeling unwell and leaving the premises in the early hours of Saturday 4 December 2021. The woman later attended Gosford Hospital for treatment.

“A further two women have come forward to police reporting similar incidents and feeling unwell after attending two licensed premises in Newcastle and Hamilton at the weekend,” the statement confirmed.

“Police are awaiting toxicology results and have commenced further inquiries into the incidents.”

Davis warned women to be careful in Newcastle and to report any other attempts to police immediately.

“These girls are extremely lucky nothing worse came from it other than blacking out,” she said in her Facebook post.

“I strongly discourage girls from going out to king street (sic) until they get their shit sorted. [Girls] be careful when you’re going out, stick with your mates. [This] is not going to become the new normal for us. [Share] this message around with your friends, be safe, we don’t want this happening to any more girls.”

She urged anyone who finds injection marks or bruises on their leg to seek medical attention immediately and to report it to the police.

Newcastle police urge anyone who knows anything about these alleged needle spikings to contact them or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.