It 100% Sounds Like New Zealand’s Health Minister Dropped The C-Bomb (Not COVID) On Live TV

These are stressful times. For many health ministers around the world, giving near-daily briefings on an unprecedented and ever-changing situation is stressful as fuck.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear the occasional slip-up.

But for New Zealand Health Minister David Clark, it sure does sound like he let a big old a c-bomb rip halfway through a coronavirus briefing.

“Around the world we have seen the virus spread at funerals, as well as a second wave of infection just as ~cunts~ were getting on top of the virus, like we are now,” the minister can supposedly be heard saying in a clip posted to YouTube.

What’s more, the sentence still makes sense. In fact, it probably makes even more sense when you consider who’s in charge of some of the countries who are really suffering due to their governments’ inaction at the moment.

We know for sure the clip hasn’t been edited simply because you can hear the exact same thing in the original Radio NZ livestream at around 23:50. But that still doesn’t mean he actually said it.

Luckily for Clark, there’s proof to clear his name. In a different livestream, you can clearly hear him say “countries” at around 1:00, and not that other word. Phew.

It’s possibly the best/worst-timed audio glitch in the history of coronavirus press conferences, when you consider the word, the timing, and the fact that it actually made sense.

Fans of the genre will recall a similar incident when our own Christopher Pyne called Bill Shorten a “grub” in parliament.

File this one under: The C Word.