Some of New Zealand’s Olympians have been slammed after they allegedly got on the piss a little too hard during their flight home, Kiwi news website Stuff reports.

The chartered flight was carrying rugby players, surfers, swimmers, footballers, rowers, trampolinists and shooters back from Tokyo when things allegedly got a bit rowdy. It’s even claimed at one point the pilot even had to leave the cockpit to intervene when athletes wouldn’t listen to the flight attendants.

“They drank excessively, and were out of control for the entire journey,” a New Zealand team official who claims to have been on the plane told the website.

Things got so bad that some athletes started “removing their masks and throwing them at the crew,” the same witness alleged.

At one point, the Air New Zealand crew supposedly threatened to stop drinks service if athletes didn’t behave themselves.

A couple of people have gone on the record to state that while there was definitely singing and good vibes all around, but it wasn’t the outrageous booze-fest, “party bus” atmosphere that the anonymous official has made it out to be.

The New Zealand Olympic Committee also said that while it was aware some athletes “celebrated” on the flight home, no complaints had actually been lodged by Air New Zealand just yet.

The committee also stressed that the celebrations followed “years of training and a very successful, and extended, Olympic campaign.”

Assuming no airline staff were disrespected during the whole thing (and there’s nothing concrete to suggest they were), who could blame the champions (and runners-up) from wanting to let off a bit of steam after coming back from the relatively low key and extremely COVIDsafe Olympic Village in Japan.

Image: Getty Images / NurPhoto