A US reporter has captured the moment a crowd of protesters told cops to, put simply, “move, bitch”. (Yes, time to turn up the volume.)

In the video, posted to Twitter by New York Daily NewsCatherina Gioino, the crowd can be heard chanting Ludacris‘ noughties banger “Move Bitch”, while NYPD blocked them from entering Manhattan Island.

Demonstrators had been peacefully marching along the Manhattan Bridge after the city’s 8PM curfew in support of George Floyd, when police barricaded both entrances, essentially trapping the crowd on the bridge.

Thus ensued a Ludacris-inspired chant, as the march turned into a standoff beside the Manhattan Bridge Arch and Colonnade.

“Move bitch, get out the way. Get out the way, bitch. Get out the way,” thousands can be heard shouting in unison. Check out the footage below, which has amassed over 100k likes in under 9 hours.

Reports indicate that protesters were able to exit the bridge at around 11PM, hours after the implementation of the blockades.

Image: Twitter / @CatGioino