30 Y.O. Man-Baby Handed Court Order To Finally Move Out Of His Parents’ Home

A New York State Supreme Court Justice has ordered a 30-year-old man absolutely must move out of his parents’ house, concluding one of the most needless and bizarre legal stoushes in recent memory.

Michael Redondo had been sued by his parents after their repeated pleas for him to vacate the Camillus property went unheeded. Their large adult son challenged the suit. He claimed that legally, he wasn’t given enough notice to leave, and argued that six months would be a more palatable timeframe.

In court, Redondo pointed to a legal ruling which suggested family members can be granted extra leeway before their eviction. Supreme Court Justice Donald Greenwood praised Redondo for his legal research, but referenced an appellate court decision saying family members don’t actually get extra privileges.

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Eventually, Justice Greenwood said he’d sign an eviction notice penned by the parents’ lawyer. It was a decision Redondo branded as “ridiculous.”

Documents tendered to the court said Redondo did not contribute to household expenses and didn’t do any chores. His parents claim they even gave him nearly $1,500 in an attempt to get him started at a new place; Redondo said he took the money, but that it wasn’t enough for him to make it on his own.

Outside court, the big rowdy boy said the fight wasn’t over.

“There are some methods I have available that I could try to get the order stayed,” Redondo said, adding “the notion that I’m just out of there, you know, really seems most unreasonable.”

No deadline for the eviction was decreed during the court appearance. Syracuse.com reports Redondo left the courthouse to return to his parents’ place.