More St Kevin’s Students Have Reportedly Been Filmed Singing The Same Sexist Chant

St Kevins

Another video, said to be of Year 12 St Kevin’s College students, has emerged showing the recent graduates chanting that same sexist chant at a pub crawl on Monday.

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On Monday afternoon, St Kevin’s headmaster Stephen F. Russell apologised unreservedly after Year 10 and 11 students were filmed yelling the vile chant which includes the line, “I wish that all the ladies were holes in the road. And if I was a dump truck I’d fill them with me load”, on a public tram in Melbourne last Saturday. The students were said to be on their way to a sports carnival.

“We have always and will continue to challenge such poor behaviour and misogynistic attitudes through programs at school and with the co-operation of parents,” Russell said in a statement to media at the time.

It is understood a number of students were suspended on Tuesday.

The new video is blurry but appears to show St Kevin’s students in casual clothes yelling the chant in a public space. The Herald Sun reports the video was posted during an argument between St Kevin’s students and female students of a sister school.

The female student who posted the video had called out the schoolboys for trying to defend St Kevin’s after they said the exact “same fucking words on your year 12 celebration night.”

“U didn’t have to make it this easy to prove my point by filming it and posting it on your story guys, so Thank You!” she commented, per The Herald Sun. “One time, a bad choice maybe. Twice? Maybe try and change your school song.”

The entire thing has since been wiped from Facebook.

Former student Luke Kiernan, now a tutor at the school, told the ABC he emailed the college to raise his concerns over Saturday’s incident.

“There is a wide-scale disrespect towards women, not at a superficial level, but more deeply,” Kiernan wrote in the email.

After speaking out, Kiernan’s school portrait on the High Academic Achiever’s Board was vandalised with the words “traitor” and “snitch”.

Kiernan told that he has received “quite a lot of harassment” for his actions.

“When somebody cuts against the grain, they are absolutely victimised because you’re not allowed to leave the ‘boys’ club’ and you’re certainly not allowed to criticise it publicly.”

PEDESTRIAN.TV has reached out to St. Kevin’s for comment.

In a recent newsletter to parents, obtained by, Russell said the school has started to speak to students from Year 5 upwards, about the offensive and misogynistic behaviour.

“Sadly, we are aware that the use of misogynistic language such as in the chant on Saturday, is more widespread than we understood and this knowledge has intensified our determination to resolutely reshape our programs and to look to do so much in this area.”

Russell also appeared to acknowledge and denounce the new video, writing “that some recent graduates foolishly and recklessly thought it would be amusing, when they were celebrating, to use this horrible chant.”