New ‘Strayan Comedy “Wizards Of Aus” Brings Middle Earth To Suburbia

We all know that the majority of you go absolutely boonta for Game of Thrones or The Lord of the Rings. That much is a proven fact of science. Indisputable.

And we also know that everyone bloody loves a good Aussie comedy. Again, science.
As it turns out, a band of absolute geniuses has gone ahead and combined the two things – taking elements of LotR and retrofitting them into an urban Melbourne setting, pumped full of gags.
The Wizards of Aus is an upcoming six-part comedy series set to air on SBS2 in January, and if the trailer they just dropped is anything to go by, it looks like it’s gonna be bloody excellent.
The series centres on a wizard who gets sick of living in his magical world, and thus decides to pull up stumps and relocate to the human realm – settling in Footscray. Which is all well and good, until his magical world decides to catch up with him, causing friction amongst the humans, spelling* trouble for all. (*Pun ABSOLUTELY intended).
Seriously though, don’t take our spruiking as gospel. Watch the trailer. It’s great. Seriously bloody great.

Keen eyes among you will spot some familiar faces – both old and new – in there such as Guy Pearce, Mark Mitchell, Nick Cody, the voice of Samuel Johnson, and Aunty Donna member Mark Bonanno.
The series starts airing on SBS2 from January 19th. It’ll be available on SBS On Demand immediately after airing.