Experts reckon up to 150 millimetres of rain could drench Sydney and the Illawarra on Saturday July 2 with multiple flood warnings issued across New South Wales. Just in time for the school holidays… *massive collective groan*.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology (which I could not spell correctly the first time if my life depended on it), flash flooding could cause major disruptions for Sydney residents.

“This time of year is normally a drier time of year than summer, but we’re still looking at probably widespread falls anywhere from 100 to 200 millimetres for large parts of the New South Wales coast over the four or five-day period from Saturday,” senior meteorologist Dean Narramore told the ABC.

“We’re looking at maybe a month’s worth of rain in a few days.”

Bloody hell. Batten down the hatches, mates!

The BOM has advised that major flooding could occur in the Hunter, Central Coast, Greater Sydney, South Coast and Hawkesbury Nepean Valley this weekend.

So, if you live anywhere near there or know someone who does, make sure they’re up to speed!

The news comes after the area south of Wollongong copped a staggering 200 millimetres of rainfall on Friday night. You read that correctly. In one, singular night.

Earlier this week PEDESTRIAN.TV covered the extensive weather warnings issued for the next month.

Areas most likely to cop a drenching include the NT, WA, Qld and New South Wales. Great time to be a Melburnian or one of the six people who live in Canberra.

“Rain will become heavier and more widespread between Thursday and Saturday as the cloud band slowly drifts further east,” said a spokesperson for Weatherzone.

Apparently, we’re about to cop “several months’ worth” of liquid spraying us incessantly.

For the latest New South Wales updates, check the BOM’s website so you don’t cop a sudden soaking this weekend.

Image: James D. Morgan/Getty Images & Jack Atley/Bloomberg via Getty Images