You might remember us talking about the anti-abortion state laws that were being created at the end of last year

Australian Sex Party’s Fiona Patten wrote the OG bill, which was then adapted by VIC Government and passed within weeks. The bill meant that anti-abortion protestors could no longer protest next to abortion and pregnancy clinics; they had to be at least 150m away. 

However, in the ACT, a similar law that will begin next week prohibits people from protesting within 50m of pregnancy clinics. 

Why? Because women were being verbally and physically assaulted, when they were simply trying to access basic medical services, something that everyone should be able to access without being attacked. 

For many women, an abortion is a deeply personal and emotional decision – attacking them during such a vulnerable time is frankly damn near evil. Plus, women visit pregnancy clinics for a multitude of reasons, not just termination: prenatal issues, postnatal issues, fertility issues, guidance on getting or being pregnant, pregnancy classes, and much more. Abusing women for getting basic medical treatment is gross, and honestly, really bizarre. 

ACT Attorney-General Simon Corbell said it had been a joint effort with the ACT Human Rights Commission and ACT Policing to make sure that the law balanced the rights of people to access medical services safely, with peoples right to protest:

“People requiring legal medical treatment, no matter what it is, should be able to get that treatment in privacy and safety.”

According to the SMH, protestors are ramping up their vigils currently in the ’40 Days for Life’ campaign for Easter, but afterwards will be risking extremely large fines by being there. 

Anti-abortion groups are saying they might move to protesting “outside their church”. So… where you should have been doing it the whole time?

New Safezone Laws Mean ACT Anti-Abortion Protesters Risk Crazy-Huge Fines

The new laws will be effect from Tuesday. YES ACT, NICE!

Source: SMH

Photo: Brendan Hoffman / Getty.