PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Telstra to update you on a new way to support small Aussie businesses.

Let’s not beat around the bush – shopping local cranks up your social capital. Myself and every other inner-city yuppie has definitely taken care to ensure our spring onions stick out the top of our canvas totes. How else will everyone know we’re better than them?

There are, of course, many more noble reasons to shop local, but we all just eat the image of it up in the same way we scoff artisanal cheese from the markets. And while we could ride out on that clout forever, we can now cop tangible goodies for doing it, too. What a time to be alive.

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So, where do I get my hands on said goodies?

Instead of chucking on a boho ensemble for the farmers’ market early on Saturday, you can now just head to your trusty ol’ phone. Telstra Plus Market has launched in the My Telstra app and is full of exclusive deals from Aussie-based businesses.

Basically, it’s bringing the markets online. You sign up to Telstra Plus Market (and to Telstra Plus, if you aren’t already a member) and select categories of stuff you like. So, if it were me, I’d pick booze, flowers and food (why yes, I am indeed fun). Based on my selected preferences, I’d then get shown a bunch of local businesses that offer those goods and allow me to rack up some Telstra Plus Points when I buy from them. For example, if a cute little florist caught my attention, I could then suss if they have any sweet deals like, spend over $30 and earn 1,000 Telstra Plus points, on offer.

Now, back to those goodies…

You can earn those Telstra Plus points for purchases from participating businesses and put them towards new devices, accessories and tech in the Telstra Plus Rewards store. Whether it’s new AirPod Pros, or a Fitbit – there’s stacks of good stuff to redeem your points on.

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And, just a reminder for those of us (me) that love to romanticise shopping local – it’s not just about aesthetically-pleasing produce. Small and medium businesses of all kinds have suffered since the pandemic first hit. So, whatever floats your boat – books, gym gear, tech – there’s little guys around who would froth your business. And I’m no biz-whiz, but I do know shopping local is good for getting the country’s economy back on track post-pandemic. Sounds like everybody wins, eh?

Suss out how to join Telstra Plus Market, here. And keep shopping locally – whatever your motivations.

See full terms and conditions for Telstra Plus, here

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