New parking penalties for drivers could see ya facing a $3200 fine for parking in a spot reserved for an electric vehicle.

The little known fines came into effect late last year in four states and territories and could see drivers copping huge fines for parking in spaces that are designated for electric cars.

The fines for blocking electric vehicle chargers range in cost, so it’s not worth sneakily snagging one even if you’re just running into the shops for two minutes.

The new parking penalties will cost you a whopping $3200 in the ACT, $2200 in NSW and a much smaller – but still shit – $369 in Vic.

Queensland also hopped on the bandwagon earlier this year, slinging $2757 fines for any petrol or diesel car caught parking in an EV charging space.

These Are The Sneaky New Parking Penalties You Need To Get Across If You Wanna Keep Yr Cash
If yr in Syd and see these signs DON’T park yr petrol car there [Credit: Getty Images]
Whilst this rule might seem a little silly to those of us who don’t own an electric car – which is most of us, probably – imagine if the next time you pull up to the servo to get fuel there’s some asshole parked in front of the bowser.

The penalties aren’t just for petrol and diesel cars though. If you happen to own an electric car and you park it in a charging space without actually using the charger, you’ll also cop the fine.

I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of parking in an EV charging space every now and then, but with these new laws I’d recommend no longer doing that.

Save yourself the 3 grand fine and walk the couple blocks to the supermarket instead.