‘New Girl’ Is Getting An Extremely Short 7th Season Before Calling It Quits

The annual hell week of show cancellations over at the major US TV networks has come and gone, with the axe brought down on a raft of favourites like ‘2 Broke Girls,’ ‘Bones,’ ‘Secrets & Lies,’ and other shows you never realised were still on the air.
But with the sword of Damocles being swung across some shows, others are getting a last gasp reprieve as the networks finalise their lineups for the upcoming 12 months.
One of those shows that was still a little up in the air was ‘New Girl,’ with broadcasting network FOX refusing to confirm its future one way or the other.
The show was so up in the air that as late as March even the cast was at about 50/50 on its chances of survival.

Luckily for those fans of True American among you, the show has been given one last chance.

FOX has officially picked up ‘New Girl‘ for a seventh season, which will serve as the show’s last.
The network order an extremely abbreviated season of just eight episodes that will serve as its farewell tour, before the series bows out for good.

The series has been suffering a steady decline in ratings since debuting to gargantuan numbers back in 2011, with its season six finale airing on April 4th of this year.

However, it is an insanely lucrative property for the network, with syndication deals with the likes of MTV, TBS, and Netflix raking in huge dollars. The show is also Fox’s current longest-running live action comedy series.
When we’ll see the final eight episodes is anyone’s guess at this stage, but history suggests that it could be on the air as soon as September this year.
One more go around for Zooey Deschanel and co, folks. Grateful reacts only.

Source: Variety.
Photo: New Girl/FOX.