New Business Lets You Anonymously & Cruelly Text Ur M8s ‘GoT’ Spoilers

Are you a terrible person? Do you have no soul? If you had to choose between saving a litter of kittens or a little of puppies, would you just order a pint and watch them drown?

Because there now exists a new business with the soul purpose of anonymously texting your mates Game of Thrones spoilers immediately, and it might just be for you.

Appropriately called Spoiled, it promises to “anonymously and ruthlessly” text your mates spoilers immediately after each episode airs, for the low, low price of $0.99 USD and your ability to sleep at night.

The anonymous fiends behind the business say they were inspired by the story of the spurned woman who sought revenge on her cheating ex by spoiling Game of Thrones for him after each and every episode.

Once you’ve signed a number up, the spoilers will last till the end of the season – and yeah, it works for international numbers.

For those of you who find the idea funny but also don’t actively want to destroy someone’s sanity, you can simply follow along to the spoiled responses via via their Twitter: @spoiled_io.

This was the text they sent out at the end of last episode, The Battle of the Bastards [SPOILERS COMING]:

And while most responses simply asked who the sender was (a sender is no one), some were pretty brutal.

The net is dark and full of terror.

Sign up here:

Photo: HBO.