New ‘Black Mirror’ Books Are On The Way Because Not Even Print Is Safe

Black Mirror‘, Charlie Brooker‘s nihilistic TV show that successfully predicted that former UK Prime Minister David Cameron would sort-of fuck a pig, is now going to warp your view of the world in book form.

Three books inspired by the ‘Black Mirror’ series are to be published from next year, with each volume including three novellas written by “leading fiction writers” and edited by Brooker himself.

According to Brooker, they’re going to appear in “high-tech paper format”. This is the show that teaches us that ‘technology is the root of all evil’, after all.

“All-new ‘Black Mirror’ stories from exciting authors – that’s a joyous prospect,” he said. “And they’re appearing in a high-tech new format known as a book.”

“Apparently, you just have to glance at some sort of ink code printed on paper and images and sounds magically appear in your head, enacting the story. Sounds far-fetched to me, but we’ll see.”

Publisher Jake Lingwood described ‘Black Mirror’ as “the smartest, sharpest show on TV”, but suspects that as fans, “we are always desperate for more episodes … in fact, more than we suspect it will ever be possible for Charlie to make.”

“That’s why we’re so inspired by Charlie’s total enthusiasm for this project and we’re completely salivating at the prospect of him working with some of the smartest, sharpest novelists around in order to create more ‘Black Mirror’ – but this time in book form,” he said.

But if you’re desperately waiting for more episodes, relax. The new season of ‘Black Mirror’ is coming to Netflix in October, bringing six new episodes – including one by Jodie Foster (‘ArkAngel‘), another by ‘American Gods‘-director David Slade (‘Metalhead‘), and a third by the director who helmed standout ‘Sherlock‘ episode ‘The Reichenbach Fall‘, Toby Haynes (‘USS Callister‘.)

The first volume of novellas is due to come out in February 2018.

Photo: Black Mirror.