Here we bloody go, folks.

Ever since Netflix officially entered the Australian market a little over 2 years ago it’s felt like a matter of “when” and not “if” they would dip their considerable finger into the local content production market by commissioning an Australian original series.

Company bosses have been outwardly stating for some time that their intention was to begin collaborating with the local market, and in the face of competition from the likes of Stan – who have already been producing a swathe of locally-sourced original shows – it seemed more like an inevitability rather than a vague possibility.

And oh look! Wouldn’t you bloody know it. Netflix has today officially announced their first-ever Australian original series.

Tidelands‘ comes from the Brisbane-based crew behind ‘Secrets & Lies‘ – both the Australian original and its US remake. According to a press release issued this morning, the drama series follows “a former criminal as she returns home to the small fishing village of Orphelin Bay. When the body of a local fisherman washes ashore, she must uncover the town’s secrets while investigating its strange inhabitants, a group of dangerous half-Sirens, half-humans called ‘Tidelanders.'” Colour us bloody intrigued.

Production on the series is slated to begin in Queensland next year, so there’s no other information or imagery available at this extremely early stage. Netflix did, however, release this teaser video which fits that phrase in every sense.

The ten episode season will be written by series creator Stephen M. Irwin. Each episode is set to run around 50 minutes.

They’ve finally entered the game, folks. It’s gonna be an interesting ole’ time.

Source: Netflix Australia.

Photo: Supplied.