Netflix Drops Trailer For ‘Dogs’, The Doco Dedicated To Your Floofer Friends

V. important, v. wholesome content to kick off your Tuesday: Netflix has dropped a trailer for their doco Dogs, which does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a documentary about dogs and their hoomans obvs.

[jwplayer WCgqZlic]

It is the type of content that you will watch while hungover on a Sunday afternoon, squinting at the screen and trying to decide if you should crack another tin to kickstart your recovery. It is the type of programming you watch when you’re feeling emotionally fragile and need to have a cry into your UberEats delivery. It is the next best thing to going back to your parents’ place to nuzzle into their incredibly soft fur child, the one they got to replace you when you moved out.

Here is the trailer, introducing us to our new friends from all over the planet, including Zeus, a singing pup in Syria; and Ice, a seafaring adventure dog. The doco is made up of six stories from all over the place, from Japan, Costa Rica, Italy and the States.

Essentially you better prepare yourself to cry on the couch looking at all these sweet puppers, who bring so much love and joy into the world. I’m basically crying now at my desk and it’s just because assistance dogs are the purest, most important dogs in the world, aside from my mum’s dog, Poppy.

They’ll be doing little woofs and snorts and sneezes and you better believe there’ll be boop-snooting.

I can’t imagine my life without dogs,” says one woman. “Same,” says the whole world.

Dogs drops on Netflix on November 16.