It can’t be easy working in title design. 

Basically everyone hates the credits, your whole job is centred on making other people’s stupid names look good, and, unless you’re working on ‘Deadpool’ or something, people will only notice you have a job if it’s done poorly.

‘Neighbours’ Blames “Too Many Sherries” For A Heap Of Typos In New Credits

Unfortunately, this is one of those times for some poor sod. 

The newest opening credits for ‘Neighbours,on top of being very awkward and disgustingly colourful, were riddled with spelling errors for Monday night’s debut episode. Inexplicably, an arm has also been cut off.

And while Fremantle Media has since apologised and fixed the spelling errors, claiming the “opening credits team may have had one too many sherries over Christmas” (as if editors have to work holidays, hah!), it’s all lead to some stellar outrage from fans such as neighbsaddict:

On top of that bizarre arm editing, ‘Sheila‘ actor Colette Mann had her name misspelt as “Collette Mann,” and ‘Amy‘ actor Zoe Cramond as “Zoe Crammond”.

But most egregious of the lot was screwing up ‘Toadie’ actor Ryan Moloney’s surname, which was originally listed as “Maloney”.

Not only has the man been on the show for twenty years now, his long-lost, presumed dead wife of approx. 4hrs ‘Dee‘ is rumoured to have returned, well after he somehow found a way to move on and start a new family. Hasn’t the man-actor-hybrid suffered enough? 

Give the original credits a squiz below, if you can stomach the colours.

Moloney, mate, this might be a sign. Ditch the name, and whatever identity you have outside Neighbours

Become Toadfish Rebecchi. 


Photo: Fremantle Media.