Police Investigating Claims Of A Needle Found Inside A Supermarket Apple

NSW Police are investigating claims of a needle found inside an apple, after 7 News Sydney reported on a North-West Sydney based woman who allegedly found a sewing needle lodged inside her store-bought apple she was peeling for her daughter at the time.

The woman says she bought the apple in a pre-packed container at Woolworths in The Ponds, a suburb in Sydney’s north-west.


“I just thought wow this can’t possibly be happening,” she told 7 News Sydney. “I’ve seen the news about the strawberries and I’ve been vigilant with cutting those up for the girls, but to see this in an apple, I actually thought these were safe.’ 

The news comes after six different strawberry brands have had their goods recalled due to a spate of needles having been found in their product.

Queensland police have also confirmed they found a metal object inside a banana, although they have not given details as to where the banana was found.

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt has ordered the national food safety watchdog, Food Standards Australia New Zealand, to investigate supply chains related to the products affected.

‘The job is very, very clear. Protect the public and keep them safe,’ he told ABC.