A New National Survey Returned The Grim Stat That 44% Of Aussies Would Never Date A Bisexual

bisexual survey

The latest stats in an ABC survey just revealed that nearly half of the Aussie’s surveyed would never date a bisexual person.

Australia Talks, hosted this year by Nazeem Hussain and Annabel Crabb, surveyed 60,000 people to hear their opinions on, well, basically everything. The survey covered politics, the environment, technology, health, wellbeing, and life.

A particularly grim statistic to come out of the survey has garnered outrage and upset by a particular group of Aussies: that 44% of Australians surveyed said they wouldn’t date someone who is bi.


One of the questions in the survey asked respondents how open they’d be to romantic involvement with someone who identifies as bisexual (assuming they weren’t in a relo already), and 44% said they wouldn’t do it. Which, obviously, is extremely disappointing and hurtful in more ways than one.

For Aussies older than 75, more than three-quarters of people said that it was a deal breaker. I want to pretend I’m not surprised, but three quarters is a fkn lot.

BUT, out of the people surveyed that were aged 18-24, a HUGE 84% were cool with dating bisexuals – which TBH tracks pretty well with what I would expect from us, but it’s still awful to know how much biphobia exists in older Aussies.

While the news that so many Aussies are biphobic is obviously fucked, the change in generational stats tell us that times are changing and people are getting way more accepting of bisexuality.


It’s reassuring to know that our generation is overwhelmingly accepting of bi people in a way that past generations are not. Progress can be slow and painful, but hey – we deserve to celebrate this little win, because it means the future is bright.

People on Twitter have been roasting the bigots who contributed to the biphobic statistics, and I honestly love seeing us come together to shit on a common enemy.

My fave response though, has to be this one. This is the energy I aspire to emanate.