Former ‘NCIS’ Star Pauley Perrette Hints At Bullying & Assaults On Set

Following her final appearance as forensic scientist Abby Sciuto on NCIS last week, Pauley Perrette has alluded to multiple events that allegedly occurred during her time on set and resulted in her departure from the show.

Through her twitter account on Sunday, Perrette first slammed tabloid articles for spreading lies about her. The 49-year-old then appears to suggest they were orchestrated by a man, whose identity she doesn’t reveal. Perrette has remained silent because she wanted to “protect my crew, jobs, and so many people”. 

In one of a series of tweets, Perrette refers to a “machine” who has been “keeping me silent, and feeding FALSE stories about me”.

Perrette wrote, “No morals, no obligation to truth, and I’m just left here, reading the lies, trying to protect my crew. Trying to remain calm. He did it.” 

Most concerning, Perrette describes additional unknown actions as a “crime” and “Multiple Physical Assaults”. Perrette’s final tweet also alludes to bullying she experienced on set.

Two days before Perrette’s tweets, US online publication Radar Online published a  source-story of an apparent feud between the series front-man Mark Harmon, who plays Leroy Jethro Gibbs, and Perrette.

As reported by Radar, the source detailed an event in October 2016 where Harmon’s dog bit a crew-member, a bite so severe it resulted in multiple stitches. According to Radar’s sources, Harmon then agreed not to bring his dog to set anymore. However, when Harmon couldn’t find a sitter for an 18-hour shoot, he had no choice but to bring his dog in. Radar reports Harmon took precautions but Perrette was furious. The source then claims Perrette was a diva on set who yelled at Harmon for bringing his dog and refused to shoot scenes with him.

Perrette first announced she was exiting the series in October 2017 after 15 seasons.

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