This Video Of A Dog Dunking A Basketball At The NBA Is The Energy I’m Channelling Today

nba dog

It has been a long, hard week and honestly, you deserve a treat. So please, take a seat and enjoy this video of a dunking dog.

Thanks to the genius behind the Golden State Warriors Twitter account, we have been blessed with this Chihuahua to brighten up your Friday afternoon.

“Quarter break dunk contest?!?” The Golden State Warriors captioned the video, which has now been seen over 340,000 times.

In less than two hours, the video amassed nearly 3,000 likes and more than 500 retweets. And honestly, can you blame them? Look at this!

But if you thought you were only getting one adorable dog video today, think again because they followed it up with another clip of the uber-talented dog.

Honestly, this dog is more talented than anyone I’ve ever met.

Naturally, fans went wild as soon as the NBA on TNT played the dog footage instead of the Golden State Warriors’ highlights reel.

I simply must know more about this dog. Who’s dog is this? How do I train my own dog to slam dunk with this finesse? So many questions left unanswered.

As someone who knows precisely fuck all about NBA or basketball in general, I am a firm supporter of dog-related half-time content.

This dog is absolutely the MVP for this game, and just for this entire week. Give him a medal.