Drunk US Tourist Gets Punched Out After Chucking A Nazi Salute In Germany

You gotta hand one thing to the Germans: they’re generally more humourless about idiots chucking out the Nazi salute than anyone else, and for obvious reasons.

A drunk American tourist learned this the hard way when he copped a punch in the gob after making a Nazi salute in a bar in Dresden. The 41-year-old man “was very drunk,” according to police.

“He didn’t say anything — just the salute,” deputy police chief Lutz Milker said. So far we have no explanation why.”

Paramedics treated him on the scene and he was not hospitalised. He was cited by police for displaying the salute, which is in fact illegal in Germany under the country’s laws against the display of Nazi symbols or slogans.

Police are investigating to determine who slugged the bloke, but look – if they don’t end up finding the perp, I probably won’t lose any sleep over it.