The Nazi-obsessed man who murdered British MP Jo Cox in the lead-up to the Brexit referendum has been sentenced to life in prison.

Thomas Mair, 53, shot and stabbed Cox repeatedly on the street in Cox’s electoral district in Northern England, allegedly while shouting the popular far-right slogan “Britain First!”

It was reported before and during the trial period that he was deeply sympathetic to neo-Nazi and white supremacist causes and collected Nazi memorabilia. In his first court appearance, he gave his name as “death to traitors, freedom for Britain”.
Though jurors were told that Mair had pled not guilty, his lawyers presented no evidence in his defence. Mair reportedly showed no emotion as he was told he was sentenced to prison for life.
Speaking outside the court, Cox’s husband Brendan Cox expressed nothing but pity for the man:
“We feel nothing but pity for him that his life was so devoid of love and filled with hatred, his only way of finding meaning was to attack a woman who represented all that was good about the country in an act of supreme cowardice.

Source: ABC News.

Photo: Getty Images.