7 Y.O. Student Was The Only One At Her School To Take Part In ‘US Walkout’

7-year-old Havana Edwards was the only student at her school to take part in the National School Walkout, prompting a flood of replies from people around the world when her mother posted her story on their Twitter account.

The National School Walkout is in memory of the 13 people killed during a school shooting at Columbine High School Colorado on April 20 1999. Yesterday was the 19th anniversary and along with taking 13 seconds to remember the 13 slaughtered, students around America staged a national walkout of classrooms to support gun reform.

More than 2,600 walkouts were planned across the country.

Today, thousands of students have uploaded posters and slogans to their social medias, many with the hashtag “Never Again” – words echoed at the March For Our Lives protest earlier this year on March 24. MFOL remembered the 17 innocent lives lost when a boy opened fire at Marjory Douglas High School. 

Though it may sound like a simple act, walking out mid-class is an intimidating thing to do for a young student and many have been quick to applaud 7-year-old Havana for her stand.

Havana dressed in an astronaut costume because she dreams of being one when she’s older.

Havana’s Twitter account, run by her and her mother, has since been sent immense love and support.

In an interview with Teen Vogue, Havana shared how she had felt inspired to do more to end gun violence in schools after attending the March For Our Lives rally. She had encouraged her friends to join her in protesting and was disappointed when they didn’t.

“I didn’t understand why they didn’t care…I tried to tell them to come, but they said no,” Havana said.

And even though Havana isn’t old enough to officially vote just yet, she knows that isn’t going to stop her.

“I want to help the big kids and adults and show them I support them as much as I can until I am old enough to vote.”

You can read Havana’s full interview with Teen Vogue HERE.