NASA’s Pulls Off Mars Landing! Live-Stream The Official ‘Curiosity’ After Party

Ground Control to Major Tom News Event! NASA’s extremely high-tech rover – the most advanced rover of its kind – has just landed on Mars! This is big news, guys! Exclamations! You can live stream the celebrations right now; because if there’s one thing NASA knows how to do it’s land expensive shit on planets party.

Broadcasting live with Ustream

The journey took over eight months and spanned 566.46 million kilometres, with the final seven minutes considered the most difficult as the rover hit the surface at 20,920km/h. Curiosity, the name of the rover, weighs nearly a ton and is the size of a small car, and landed near the Mars equator just minutes ago. The Wall-E-esque contraption will begin scanning for life-supporting essentials, including a veritable shopping list of Walter White goodness, including carbon, nitrogen, phosphorous, sulfur and oxygen.

Curiosity has already started taking its first Instagram snapshots, like this one:

You can follow it on Twitter @MarsCuriousity for excellent updates like “I’m safely on the surface of Mars. GALE CRATER I AM IN YOU!!!