NASA Still Has A Thing For Pluto, Nabs Best-Ever Shots Of Dwarf Planet

Ol’ mate Scott Kelly is still – still – hurtling around the planet on his year-long mission, and the astronaut has made us all fall in love again with the babe that is Earth with some absolute fire Instagram posts. 

While he’s been doing his thing, dropping mixtapes and being a general champ, NASA’s New Horizons probe has had the somewhat dubious task of snapping some shots of astronomy’s great jilted lover – Pluto.

Today, the head honchos at NASA picked up a stash of hi-res images from the probe. The pics detail the ex-planet’s landscape in mind-bending detail, showcasing the, ahem, dwarf planet’s dappled surface. Because it’s 2015, us Plebs get to see the furthest reaches of the solar system, too.

Fuck yeah.

The shots were taken by the probe in July, but have only just made their way here now. Researchers can expect more interplanetary goodness from New Horizons in the next few days, proving once and for all that NASA still does have a thing for that little weirdo floating around the Sun.

Story: CNN.
Photo: Twitter.