Nakkiah Lui Illustrates Why Waleed Aly’s ‘Forgiveness’ Rant Won’t Help PoC

Australia has been divided in Facebook comment sections the country over since Sonia Kruger‘s obviously well-researched opinion that we should ‘close the border to Muslims’. 
Progressives have been promoting tolerance, saying that banning an entire religion from your shores is bigotry plain and simple, whereas conservatives in agreeance with Kruger, Andrew Bolt and Pauline Hanson have been desperately trying to prove they aren’t xenophobic, despite blatantly hating a religion so much they want to build a wall around a country the keep it out. (Remind you of anyone?)
Waleed Aly delivered a monologue on ‘The Project‘ shortly after, stating that the best way to deal with people who are prejudiced against Muslims is to try to empathise with their fears, and be gentle regarding their opinions. He promoted the hashtag #SendForgivenessViral to drive home his point. 
However, there were a crapload of people who didn’t agree, and regarded Aly’s speech as tone-policing (when a privileged person tells someone from an oppressed group that they aren’t going about their fight to equality correctly), which it, by definition, was. 
Talented comedian and writer of ABC‘s ‘Black Comedy’ Nakkiah Lui spoke out about why Aly’s idea is the epitome of tone-policing, and it simply doesn’t make sense to place blame on People of Colour for attempting to call out the bigotry that directly affects them:
“Equality isn’t compromise. At least for those of us who don’t have it.”
Too bloody right. 
Source: Nakkiah Lui / Facebook
Photo: Channel 10.