Muslim Woman Bashed, Thrown From A Moving Train In A Horrific Racist Attack

This is starting to get way out of hand. Yesterday afternoon, a Melbourne woman – who just so happened to be of Muslim appearance – was viciously bashed by what appears to have been a complete racist scumbag, and subsequently forced off a moving train as it approached a station in the city’s north.

According to police, the 26 year-old victim was standing near the doors of an outbound Upfield train as it was approaching Batman station in the northern suburb of Coburg. At that point, another woman has approached her and commenced hurling racial abuse. Shortly thereafter, the attacker grabbed her victim by the hair and neck, and repeatedly forced her head into the wall of the carriage. As the train pulled into the station, she then managed to open the doors before forcing the woman out and onto the platform as the train was pulling to a stop.
Without a word of a lie, that is an actual thing that happened to someone who, by all accounts, was simply minding their own business.
The woman was assisted by two men who came to the victim’s aid – police are calling for them, and any other witnesses, to come forward.
The racist stain of a human who is alleged to have perpetrated this cowardly act of bullshit is said to be – unsurprisingly – caucasian, around 177cm tall, solid build, short brown hair and light-coloured eyebrows. She was wearing baggy jeans, a puffy black hooded top, and runners.
If you happened to have seen this particular incident, or are ever in the position where you witness a similar incident, for pete’s sake speak up. There’s always more good people than there are dickheads. They are the true unwanted minority. Use your voice. Stamp this shit out. It’s not a good look for anyone.
Photo: William West via Getty Images.