I don’t know the exact science behind it, but something about music festivals manages to disproportionately summon out of control rain. Whether it’s God’s revenge for people taking recreational drugs, or the petty machinations of an angry weather deity who hates seeing people have fun, if there’s a large gathering of people in an outdoor area, rain will come.

Proving my theory entirely true, Falls Festival at Byron Bay has been inundated with hectic rain, to the point that bands have been unable to play for at least an hour so far.

According to people on the ground, the situation is “Lol“:

According to other, slightly more informative people on the ground, no bands have been taking to the stage:

It’s not just the punters who are annoyed either, it’s a bit hard to take photos of the acts when you don’t want to take your gear in torrential rain (even harder when they’re not playing):

Falls have issued a single tweet about the delays, saying they will be working to reschedule acts after the rain apocalypse is done:

So, uh, hang in there I guess. If you’re at Byron and you’re reading this: be sure to keep warm and dry, your mum would be furious with us if you caught a cold.

Photo: Twitter / @Hazandstuff.