Mum Speaks Out After Daughter With Peanut Allergy Dies From Kissing BF

Jeeeesus. The mother of a 20-year-old woman with a severe nut allergy who died after kissing her boyfriend is speaking out, four years after the tragic event.

Canadian woman Myriam Ducré-Lemay, 20, had been at a party in Montreal with her new boyfriend in October 2012. They went back to his place, but he – having zero idea about her severe nut allergy – ate a peanut butter sandwich, brushed his teeth and kissed her.

“She didn’t feel [it at first],” her mum Micheline Ducré told the Journal de Quebec. “Usually, she feels [her allergies] from a hundred miles around.”

Within minutes, Myriam was suffering shortness of breath. She tried her asthma inhaler, but when that didn’t work, asked her boyfriend if he’d eaten nuts. And unfortunately, despite him calling 911 and an ambulance arriving eight minutes later, Myriam later died from severe cerebral anoxia, where the brain is deprived of oxygen.

Micheline is speaking out about her daughter’s death because the coroner’s report, released in 2014, stated that Myriam wasn’t in possession of either her EpiPen nor her identification bracelet – both of which had the potential to save her life.

“She always lived a normal life,” said Micheline. “She normally had her EpiPen. Everyone knew her situation.”

“We must insist on the bracelet,”
said Micheline, who said that her daughter usually carried her EpiPen with her, and that everyone – except her new boyfriend – knew about her situation. “If she had had the Medic-Alert bracelet, her boyfriend would have seen it before [the situation occurred].”
The coroner’s report also stated that Myriam believed her allergies had lessened over time.
Micheline says she still keeps in contact with her daughter’s ex, and doesn’t blame him in the slightest. But this whole thing is tragic and sad and fucked, and an important reminder about the serious nature of allergies.
Photo: Independent.