Muffin Break Facebook Page Cops Heat After Boss’ Comments On Unpaid Work

Muffin Break

The official Muffin Break Facebook page is currently in the shits as general manager Natalie Brennan‘s curious interview with continues to fall into the hands of “self-important” Millennials and co.

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On Saturday, published an article in which Brennan criticised Millennials for no longer showing any interest in unpaid work.

Brennan has observed a decline in youth walking up to her door, asking for internships.

“You just don’t see it anymore,” she told

While lamenting over the death of free labour, Brennan said today’s youth lack passion and rock up to interviews “thinking they’re better than the job”. They immediately want a promotion and a raise, Brennan said.

After dealing with one particular candidate who apparently sent Brennan an “abusive email” accusing her of underpaying staff, she said she was going to “tell everybody [the industry] about you”.

“People are clueless,” she said.

Brennan blames social media for the youth’s very ridiculous sense of entitlement.

“There’s definitely that inflated view of their self-importance because they have X amount of Instagram followers or this many likes. That’s dangerous.”

And here’s the final kicker. Brennan, aware she’s generalising, reckons Millennials need and expect to be applauded for just doing their jobs.

“I’m generalising, but it definitely feels like this generation of 20-somethings has to be rewarded even if it’s the most mundane, boring thing, they want to be rewarded for doing their job constantly.”

And thus #MuffinBreak was born on Twitter. While many simply roasted the company, others shared links to articles revealing Muffin Break had underpaid migrant workers by more than $46,000. In another article, a former Muffin Break franchisee was told “to consider underpaying staff that I can trust” in order to generate a profit. 

But over on their official Facebook page – Hell. 

Their latest Facebook post is a promotion for a kids cookie workshop and has over 300 comments – the majority absolutely skewering Brennan for her words.

Facebook: Muffin Break

Then, on the following post about $2 muffins on Valentine’s Day: 

Facebook: Muffin Break

Thoughts and prayers.