MP Pedals Back After Claiming NSW Cop Station Attack Due To Radical Islam

Hyper-conservative Queensland MP George Christensen has had some SRS backtracking to do. 

Last night, a man drove his car into a roller door of the Merrylands police station in Sydney‘s west, after setting both the car and himself alight with accelerant. The man was unconscious as the police extinguished the fire and pulled him from the burning car. 
After it was initially reported by media, George Christensen decided to align the incident with his usual anti-Islam rhetoric, stating that the incident proved that Australia must take action on radical Islam:

“I wonder how quickly some idiot is going to inanely say this has nothing to do with Islam or talk about a religion of peace or blame those who oppose radical Islam or even Australia as a whole for marginalising some “disaffected youth”.

How about for once we talk about the problem at hand: the ideology of radical Islamism and its adherents and what we, as a nation, are going to do about it.”
Except, unfortunately for Christensen’s delightfully xenophobic opinions, the man was not young, nor was he radicalised, nor was he Muslim
The man who attacked the police station was a 61-year-old Croatian man from NSW, that allegedly suffered from mental health issues. 
Christensen has since updated his post, saying, 
“Every time there is a terror attack (here or overseas) we get the same platitudes from the Left and the political & media elite. 

I say again: we need to discuss the rise of radical Islam within Australia.”
Despite, y’know, this having absolutely no relation to terrorism, or radical Islam…? Bizarre. 
Police are currently searching the man’s home, and have reported that there’s ‘lots of junk’ inside:

George, mate – you trippin’. 

Source: 9 News Facebook
Photo: 9 News.