MOSMANIA: Wild Fkn Footage Has Emerged Of Wedding Guests Brawling In The Streets Of Sydney

Mosman brawl

Absolutely feral footage has emerged of at least a dozen wedding guests brawling in Sydney’s north shore suburb of Mosman over the weekend. And people think western Sydney is wild, huh?

Remember when people were fighting over toilet paper in the western suburbs and everyone tried to act like that behaviour is just the norm over on this side of the bridge?

Well, footage has emerged over the weekend of fancily dressed wedding goers who look the stereotypical picture of Sydney’s posh north shore residents. Except they’re viciously beating each other on the curb of a wedding venue in Mosman.

In a video posted to Reddit, screaming can be heard in the background as two women try and get in the middle of a fist-fight between two men. One of the ladies is pushed to the ground by a man who then launches himself at another brawler, with several accomplices in tow.

What in the white nonsense??? Source: Reddit.

The camera then pans to the left, where another group of people are also brawling, and it looks like they’re all part of the same posse.

One man has his shirt off, blazer discarded, and lifts a man off the ground only to shove him into the pavement again before punching him.

Some random bloke tries to direct traffic through the melee, while another man appears to be unconscious at his feet.

people brawling in Mosman, Sydney
Is that man okay??? Source: Reddit.

The chaotic scenes are baffling considering I really can’t image what would cause such a public display of buffoonery. What happened?? Who started it??? Was it because someone wore fake RM Williams?? Someone write an AITA post about this right now.

NSW Police were called to the scene to break up the fight, but told that by the time officers showed up, most of the brawlers had dispersed.

However, they did speak to one 26-year-old who suffered a broken nose and some rib injuries.

Well, at least the wedding was memorable?