The PM Announced His New Cabinet & Here’s Who Won (Dutton) & Lost (All Of Us)

Buckle up: Scott Morrison‘s new cabinet is here, and there’s some big changes. It’s the second reshuffle in three months, and comes after *multiple* ministers have been caught up in some kind of sexual assault scandal. Here’s who won and who lost.

Christian Porter – lost

He’s not the Attorney-General anymore – GOOD. However, in bad news, he remains in cabinet: he’s now the Minister for Industry, Science and Technology. Although he’s still on leave. Hmmm.

Peter Dutton – won

Another promotion for Peter Dutton. He’s now the Minister for Defence, after ruling the brand new Home Affairs portfolio with an iron fist (and briefly trying to topple Malcolm Turnbull for the top job, remember that?). And get this, you won’t believe what Morrison said about Dutton’s new appointment: “The boats had stopped, he kept them stopped.”

We live in hell.

Michaelia Cash – won

She’s replacing Porter as our new Attorney-General. She was widely flagged as the only available choice, so no surprises there. Still. Not wild about this one, at all.

Linda Reynolds – lost

The former Defence Minister has effectively been demoted, in no doubt a response to her comments and handling of the Brittany Higgins case. However, it’s a small loss. She remains in cabinet, as Minister for Disability Services and the NDIS.

Anne Ruston – won

She’s stepped up to join the senior leadership team, taking on the brand new portfolio of Women’s Safety.

Marise Payne – won…?

Marise Payne is still the Minister for Foreign Affairs, and technically speaking is still the Minister for Women. However, Morrison has now proclaimed her the ‘Prime Minister for Women’, a statement so baffling he failed to properly explain or defend it to journalists.

Payne is co-chairing a new cabinet taskforce with Morrison, which has been set up for women’s equality, safety, economic security, health and well-being.

Stuart Robert – won and lost

Stuart Robert was reportedly really gunning for Home Affairs, so in that respect he lost to Karen Andrews. However, the man who was once booted from the front bench after breaching ministerial standards on a trip to China has been promoted from government services to take on Cash’s old Employment portfolio.

Me – definitely lost

But here’s a handy guide of who’s moving where.

And the full list is here (sorry, it’s very tiny):