More Varieties Of Frozen Berries Recalled After 5th Patient Contracts Hep A

Following on from yesterday’s announcement of a nation-wide recall of Nanna’s 1kg mixed frozen berries, the distributor of the berries Patties Foods have today extended the recall to other varieties. 

The recall has been made after doctors found the frozen berries were the only common link between four patients’ contraction of Hepatitis A. The product is sold and distributed locally, however the fruit is sourced from Chile and China, and is packed in China. Hepatitis A, which largely affects the liver, is passed on relatively easily through human fecal matter of those who have contracted Hep A.

The announcement today was branded as “precautionary” by Patties Food’s CEO Steven Chaur. Better to be safe than sorry, pretty much. *projectile spits out smoothie*

A patient in NSW has reportedly contracted Hepatitis A, following on from the four other recently confirmed cases: 3 patients in Victoria, and now 2 in NSW have Hepatitis A, with links found to the frozen berries. Anyone showing symptoms of Hep A (abdominal pain, nausea, jaundiced skin and eyes, fever) are urged to see their doctor. 

The following varieties of berries are being recalled, and consumers are urged to throw the products out or obtain a refund from their supermarket. 

— Nanna’s Mixed Berries 1kg, up to and including Best Before Date 22/11/16
— Creative Gourmet Mixed Berries 300g, up to and including best before bate 10/12/17 

— Creative Gourmet Mixed Berries 500g, up to and including best before date 06/10/17.

Lead image by Dan Kitwood via Getty.