A NYC 22-Year-Old Is Reportedly Making $34k A Month & The Internet Is Shook

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You may be familiar with Refinery29‘s regular feature, Money Diaries, in which the website gets millennials to track their spending for a whole week and hand in an ultra-transparent diary for the world to judge.

And this week, judge they have.

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The diary in question is courtesy an anonymous 22-year-old woman who is reportedly an e-commerce entrepreneur – whatever the hell that is – living in New York City. She allegedly makes $34,000 (US$25,000) a month.


She also has some highly weird spending habits – like refusing to take a $6 Uber home from a park, but happily dropping $700 on a handbag. And she reckons she saves $20k a month. 

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Real person? Total scam artist? Sophisticated algorithm created by feeding all previous Money Diaries into an advanced AI? You be the judge.

Actually, Twitter will be the judge, because of course it will.






So we’ve got a 22-year-old, candy-scoffing, Uber-snubbing, no-printer-having healthy living influencer who can only cook pasta smothered in half a kilo of cheese, whose job is ‘handbag designer’ and who lives with roommates even though she earns approximately my entire year’s salary per month.

I’ve been saying it all along: either all of this is fake – like everything, everyone, you, me, all the people we know – or we’re in the absolute darkest timeline possible. There it is. That’s the judgement.

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