For those unfamiliar with the plight of vegans and vegetarians in these burg-mad times, here’s a quick and nasty rundown of how they cope while you nosh on any manner of deliciousness:

  • Want a vegan burger? Good luck. Even if the toppings and bun are devoid of eggs and dairy, you’d probably have to ask if pattie itself uses eggs as a binder;
  • Not a fan of mushrooms? Go fuck yourself. Portabellos are the go-to meat replacement, and you’d be hard-pressed to find any joint that doesn’t slap ’em between buns;
  • Looking at that rare bean and lentil pattie? Well, depending on where you order it, it’s likely the least-ordered option on the menu. Expect dry, mealy falafel half the time, if it’s not just bubble & squeak. 

Momofuku-Approved Vegan Burger Beats Meat, Might Just Change The World

Keep that in mind when you digest this news from Momofoku genius David Chang – the future of ‘bloody’, beefy burgers might actually be 100% vegan. Truly. Have a look at this oozing bad-boy, and ask yourself if you could tell the diff:

Right? Right? 

For reference, you oughta trust the opinion of a Michelin-starred restaurateur when he tells ya Impossible Foods’ middle-finger to nature is as good as its OG counterpart. 

While the whole process behind the ‘meat’ is super-duper secretive, the company claims some ingredients include (the utterly deconstructed remnants of) coconut and honeydew. Purists be damned. 

Oh, the benefits in terms of water, land, and waste reduction? Maybe as big a drawcard as that whole ‘not killing animals’ thing.

They plan to fully launch in the US soon as hell, but if our proclivities for that holy bread + meat combo keep up, we’ll be sinking our teeth into this baffling (and probs very $$$) burg real soon. 

Source and photo: David Chang / Facebook.