Staff at Mogo Zoo, south of Batemans Bay, say that all of their animals are currently safe from bushfires that are raging throughout the NSW south coast.

The wildlife park is home to around 200 animals, including what has been described as the largest primate collection in Australia, as well as zebras, giraffes and white rhinos.

There were concerns for the safety of the animals as fires drew closer, and earlier today, a representative told Nine News that precautionary measures were being taken, saying:

“There’s approximately 15 staff including [director] Chad helping to defend the zoo, and like anybody else in the area they are defending the property by keeping everything hosed down and the sprinklers on.”

Photos from the vicinity showed red skies and smoke earlier today:

Thankfully, Mogo Zoo director Chad Staples has since made a statement confirming that all animals are safe and accounted for.

“Due to the amazing staff here and a well-executed plan, no-one is hurt,” he said. “Not a single animal lost.”

He said that dangerous animals such as lions and tigers were encouraged into their night dens, and he is personally caring for many others.

“Right now, in my house there’s animals of all descriptions in all the different rooms, that are there safe and protected,” he said. You can see his full statement below:

Image: AAP / Mogo Zoo