Model Drowns After Alleged Asthma Attack During Underwater Photoshoot

Questions are being raised after the mysterious drowning of a well-known model out of Taiwan after she allegedly suffering an asthma attack during an underwater shoot.
An unconscious OIivia Ku, 25, was pulled out of the water near Hengchun Township, in Taiwan’s Pingtung County, by the coast guard yesterday afternoon and later died at a local hospital after failed attempts at resuscitation.
There are a few weird elements to the story, least of which are reports Ku removed her breathing apparatus prior to the incident so that it wouldn’t appear in photos; that’s apparently not abnormal for underwater shoots, but there should have been an experienced diver on watch. 
Ku was herself a keen diver with at least three years’ diving experience, and locals say she often volunteered to clean refuse from the seabeds near Pingtung.
Her modelling agency, Eelin Entertainment, refused to comment out of respect to Ku’s family but *did* confirm the photoshoot wasn’t work-related.
Add to that the fact that underwater shoots are usually conducted in shallow water to take advantage of natural light – and Ku, who’s survived by her husband and four-year-old daughter, was pulled out of deep water – and you’ve got a horrible accident that’s baffling local authorities.
Investigations continue.
Source: Taipei Times.
Photo: Eelin Entertainment.