YouTuber Mitchell Orval Opens Up About Cocaine Struggles After 150 Days Of Sobriety

mitchell orval cocaine

Australian comedic YouTuber Mitchell Orval (half of the famous Angry Dad channel) has opened up about his cocaine addiction to mark his 150th day of sobriety.

Orval, 23, opened up about his struggle with substance abuse earlier this week on his YouTube channel with girlfriend Chloe Szepanowski.

“Today is 150 days sober for me,” Mitchell said in the powerful video. “So almost five months which I’m extremely proud of, considering what my habits used to be.”

Throughout the video, Orval opened up about the “absurd amount” of cocaine he was using on a weekly basis prior to becoming sober.

“Not only was I not sober from alcohol, I was a frequent drug user too, that drug especially being cocaine,” he said. “I used to use it weekly, if not twice, three times a week. And when I would use it, it wasn’t just a bit — it was in an absurd amount.

“I was always that person to be last to leave [a party], to take it too far. I had no control of myself when I was under the influence.”

Mitchell’s sobriety comes as he and parter and fellow YouTuber Chloe Szepanowski are expecting their first child in August this year. Although the couple are enjoying their pregnancy journey now, Mitchell notes that he came close to losing his partner as a result of his substance abuse issues.

“I got to the point where I almost lost my partner. I was lying to her, I was lying to my family, I was lying to everyone around me,” Orval said in the clip. “‘I wasn’t ready to stop. I didn’t want to stop. I wanted to keep my relationship because I was in love with my partner, but I wasn’t ready to give up that side of my life. To me, that was still more important than everything else I had.”

Throughout the video, Orval also discusses how he’s struggled with losing friends as a result of his sobriety journey, but noted that it has helped him realise which friends are worth keeping.

Mitchell and his brother Dylan rose to viral fame through their Angry Dad YouTube and Facebook videos, which showed them secretly filming their dad’s (former AFL player Mark Orval) explosive reactions to pranks.

If you, or someone is struggling with addiction, you can confidentially contact Lifeline on 13 11 14. In an emergency, call 000.