Search For QLD Fisherman Called Off After Crew Realise He’s Still On The Boat

Look, it happens. You become enormously frustrated tearing apart your house looking for your keys only for it turn out that the keys were in your pocket, where you left them, this whole time. Similarly, sometimes you organise an air and sea search operation to find a fisherman who has supposedly gone missing from a commercial fishing vessel only to find out that he was still on the boat.

Earlier today, Queensland Police issued a statement saying that a search was underway in the waters off Double Island Point for a 45-year-old Mooloolaba man, who was believed to be missing after another crew member noticed his absence from the back of the boat at around 2:30am.

According to the police, the search was launched at dawn with vessels from the Hervey Bay Water Police, Yeppoon Water Police, and the Tin Can Bay and Noosa coast guard, in addition to the use of seven helicopters and two fixed-wing aircraft.

The search, which aimed to cover 134 square miles of water, was called off at around 4pm after police were advised that the man had been found in a compartment on the fishing vessel by other crew members.

The juicy part? The boat he was on was involved in the search for… himself. According to 9 News, he was asleep when he was found by the vessel’s skipper.

How good is Queensland.