WARNING: This article discusses sexual assault.

Adau Mornyang, a 22-year-old-finalist in this year’s Miss World Australia competition, has revealed in a heartbreaking Facebook live video that she was raped as a teenager in Adelaide. 
In the video, which has been viewed 36,000 times since Tuesday, Mornyang explains that she was assaulted by two male friends after she broke up with her boyfriend.
She explains that after her friends got her drunk, she blacked out, and came to lying on a concrete floor, listening to the two men talk about what they planned to do with her. 
“I couldn’t move,” she says in the video. “My body just shut down. I knew what they were doing, taking turns. I was laying there crying to God that I just died. I just couldn’t believe what was happening. I trusted these guys, I saw them as my brothers.”
The hour-long video is harrowing to watch. Mornyang leaves the frame several times to collect herself, but she’s incredibly brave to share her experiences with the thousands of people who follow her.
Speaking to Fairfax, she explained that she told her story publicly in order to start a conversation about sexual assault in the South Sudanese community.

“I wanted to speak about it because I want our community to stop victim-blaming women for the actions of men. 

“I suffered in silence without the support of anyone. Our community doesn’t know much about sexual assault, they don’t believe it […] and when they do, they blame it on the woman.”

Source: The Age.
Image: Instagram / @adau_mornyang.

if you or someone you know has experienced sexual assault, please call 1800 RESPECT on 1800 737 732.