Miley Cyrus Spotted Kissing Everyone’s Childhood Crush Cody Simpson At The Supermarket

It appears that Miley Cyrus has a type, and it also appears that said type is hot, famous and Aussie.

Only two months after separating from Australian national treasure Liam Hemsworth, and two weeks after her fling with Kaitlynn Carter flung, Miley has been hanging out with Aussie bebe Cody Simpson.

Now, we’re not going to throw judgment at Miley for moving on quicker than some of us do. She’s an adult and she can bone as many gorgeous Australian men as her heart desires. But we’re also not going to call them a “couple” either, it’s still early days, folks.

Cody and Miley were apparently spotted picking up some groceries at a local store in LA on Thursday afternoon, where they shared a “quick kiss”, according to E! News. I too become very horny when picking out my breakfast cereal.

“[Cody] noticed people seeing them so they tried to rush out of there,” an unnamed source told E!

The pair were also photographed getting lunch on Thursday at LA’s Backyard Bowls.

miley cyrus cody simpson

The pair have been friends since back in 2015, where Cyrus apparently helped Simpson adjust to adult life after being thrusted into the spotlight at a young age.

“Miley is one of my best friends and she helps with some of that transitional stuff – trying to escape your childhood,” Cody said back in 2015. “She’s super open-minded and I’m working on becoming more like that.”

Although the 2015 romantic rumours were never confirmed, the pair were photographed getting awfully cosy at Cyrus’ Nashville property and at what looks like one of Cody’s shows.

Honestly, it’s not that weird for Cyrus and Simpson to be hanging out. They’ve been friends for years and last time I checked, hanging out with the opposite sex doesn’t automatically mean you’re DTF. However, macking on in your local grocery store is some serious couple-level PDA, so who knows? Maybe Miley is ready for another Australian beau, but I highly doubt she’d be looking to settle down anytime soon.

I just want Miley Cyrus to be happy.