Mike Pence Is Visiting Australia This Month & It Is Our Duty To Dack Him

Well there it is, team. US vice president Mike Pence is coming to Australia. Let’s unite as a nation and dack him in front of a bunch of girls, forcing him to resign from his post in utter shame and disgrace.

Pence is coming to Australia later this month as part of a whirlwind tour through the Asia-Pacific region – including stopovers in South Korea, Japan and Indonesia – to meet with Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten.
Team Trump is apparently doing their best to shore up relationships with key allies – including Australia, who suffered the full weight of expert international diplomacy when Trump yelled at Turnbull on the phone for a little bit and everyone kind of enjoyed it.
“This trip will serve as the vice-president’s first official travel to the Asia-Pacific region,” the White House announced in a statement.
During his trip, the vice-president will emphasise President Trump’s continued commitment to US alliances and partnerships in the Asia-Pacific region, highlight the administration’s economic agenda, and underscore America’s unwavering support for our troops at home and abroad.

He’ll be landing in Sydney on April 22. The statement laid out Pence’s itinerary and agenda during his trip:

The vice-president will visit Sydney, Australia, where he will meet with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull”, the White House statement continued.
Vice-President Pence will also meet with Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, along with US and Australian service members.

Focusing again on American businesses, jobs, and the economy, Vice-President Pence will join a listening session and give remarks to the US and Australian business community.

Again – I stress the absolute importance of dacking Mike Pence upon his arrival onto our golden shores. This is so, so important.

Photo: Getty Images.