Did there ever exist a time when NSW Premier Mike Baird *wasn’t* one of the most hated politicians in this country? Like, probably. But between lockout laws, #CasinoMike, the WestConnex, anti-protest legislation, sacking 42 mayors and counsellors AND the Anzac Parade / tree fiasco, it feels like he’s been about as popular as a flying fucking cockroach forever. 

Thousands of people – early estimates say anywhere from 5k to 7k – marched in Sydney today in protest of Baird’s continued gig as the Premier of NSW. 

The introduction of the tougher anti-protest laws was “the last straw,” said March Australia organiser in Sydney, Sonia Zadro.

She told AAP: “It just keeps getting worse and worse and it just seemed like the time has come for some serious dissent.”

Darcy Byrne, who until recently was the elected mayor of Leichhardt, told the rally that Baird was “completely out of control.”

“It’s time to send him a message, take a stand and say that we will resist his rule,”
he said.

Mike Baird Copped A Shit-Ton Of People Protesting His Premier Gig Today

And Greens NSW MP David Shoebridge brought up the staggering fact that even the Liberals in his area are suing Baird. Bloody hell.

As usual, Sydneysiders brought out their A+ signage game for the occasion:

Baird has yet to respond to this absolute battering, but tbh – did anyone really expect him to this early? We’ll be keeping an eye out for one of (the inevitable) two options:

  1. A Facebook post saying he’s heard your feedback, and will be making (some tiny) changes (maybe)… which will quickly be overrun with angry commenters. 
  2. Or, a Facebook post about some innocuous achievement (possibly featuring Baird in high vis)… which will quickly be overrun with angry commenters. 

Source: SBS.

Photo: Twitter / Jenny Leong.