30-Year-Old Bloke Michael Rotondo Finally Kicked Out Of His Folks’ US Home

Michael Rotondo, the 30-year-old US man who made international news when he refused to leave his parents’ house, has finally been evicted, bringing to an end weeks of speculation about why the hell a grown-ass 30-year-old man was fighting so hard to stay living with his folks in the first place.

Rotondo’s parents claim that they pleaded with their son, who had lived in their suburban New York house for eight years, to get a job, and even offered him money to find a place of his own. When that didn’t work, they took him to court and sued to have him evicted.

A judge ordered him out by midday of June 1, and according to local media, he left the house around two hours before that time, but not before calling the police on his parents, saying his dad was refusing to let him back into the house to collect some Lego.

The Lego apparently belonged to Rotondo’s eight-year-old son, of whom he does not have custody. His father found and retrieved the toy building blocks, handing them over at some point after officers arrived, and that whole episode certainly sounds like a productive and necessary use of police time.

Throughout the court process, Michael Rotondo claimed to have a source of income from a revenue-generating business, but would not say what this business entailed. He received $3000 from conservative radio host Alex Jones after appearing on his show last week, and reportedly plans to use this money to stay in an Airbnb for the next week.

Telling reporters that he will never talk to his parents again, the 30-year-old said: “I think it’s really unfair that I’m not going to get enough time to really prepare a good move.”

After his Airbnb stay, he plans to move in with a cousin.