Michael Rea’s wood…. art that is

“A Prosthetic Suit For Stephen Hawking w/ Japanese Steel” 2007 wood, rope, pink foam

Chicago based artist Mike Rea is known for creating larger than life wooden sculptures with themes such as, Space, Aquatic, Rock & Roll, War, and Tools.

Mike started out majoring in painting at art school, and when his painting teachers were constantly telling him to “make it bigger”, he definitely did. He switched to his major about 3 years into his education and now makes these super elaborate, highly detailed, grandniose sculptures.

“Put a monkey in space if Remo Williams can’t do it,” 2005. wood, burlap, rope

The image above is from space theme, obiously.

“Wood Load in” 2004 wood, burlap, rope

And this is one from the Rock & Roll theme.

Mike has shown his work at galleries accross the midwest. The shipping/transportation of his pieces is rather dificult though because of the size.

Photos via Mike Rea’s Website- See all of his work here